Memory Access Violation errors occur due to various reasons. It is suggested to follow the check list which is as below: 

a) Open Tally.ini file from Tally folder and edit the Tally.ini and set the following parameters as shown:-

Set Default Company = No

Set User TDL = No


Note: In case you are able to start Tally.ERP 9 after setting the default companies to No, it is suggested to take a backup of the data and re-write the default companies. 


b) Check Screen resolution.


Ø Right-click on the Desktop and select Screen resolution 


Ø Go to Start > Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Display > Screen Resolution

Ø Select (recommended)


ØClick Apply

Ø If the problem persists, set the resolution to 1024*768. 


c) DPI Settings to Normal Size (96 DPI)

d) Uninstall the Printer drivers (Start > Settings > Printer & Faxes) and then Reinstall.

e) Delete Tallycfg.tsf(Available inside Tally folder)

f) If user profile is corrupted, create new user and check. Contact system administrator to create new user profile.