• Go to company info

  • Select the company

  • Alter the company and set the security control yes

  • Enter the name of the administrator

  • Enter the password

  • Confirm the  password
  • After confirming the password the client will get this pop  up

  • Click on Enter

  • Accept  and yes
  • Enter the  administrator user name  and password

  • Select the security control or click on E

  • Click on User and Password

  • Set the list of users  for the company

  • To set rights  for the user  types of security
  • Go  to Types Of Security

  • Select the type of security level for  the company  example (data entry level)

  • Security level for data entry
  • Use basic facility of data entry

  • Days to allow the back dated vouchers  as per client requirement

  • Set the cut off date for back dated vouchers as per client requirement

Select the voucher which the data entry user can have

Full access:-Data entry user have the full access to the particular facilities

Create :Data entry user have just the access to create the particular facilities

Alter  :-Data entry user have the rights to alter the partcular facilities

Display /print:- Data entry user have the rights to print but cant alter neither create the  particular facilities

Create / alter :- Data entry have the rights to create  and alter the particular facilities

Preview:- Have the rights to view the preview of the print but cant print the particular vouchers details

print :- Have the rights to print the particular facilities cant alter neither create

 This depends on the client  requirement 

  • The client can select the list of reports

  • Click on enter
  • Click on Accept to save the  changes