The Reset Password option allows you to set a new password if the old password is lost. On receiving a request to reset the password, an e-mail containing a reset link is sent to your registered e-mail address.

Steps to Reset the password: -

  • Open Tally ERP 9. Click on Control Centre or press Ctrl+K on the keyboard.

  • The Remote Tally.NET User Login screen appears.

  • Click on F5: Reset Password. The Reset Password screen appears as shown below:

  • Enter your registered e-mail ID. An e-mail containing the password reset link is sent to your e-mail ID.
  • Click the link in the e-mail. The Change My Password web page appears.

  • Enter the New Password and Click on Save.
  • Open Tally ERP 9 and Go to Control Centre.
  • Enter your registered e-mail ID and your new Tally.NET Password and press enter.

  • Your Tally.NET password has been set.