1. Can both the versions of Tally - (Tally.ERP9 and TallyPrime) be used


  • YES, they can be used simultaneously.

2. Can the existing Tally ERP9 license be used on TallyPrime?

  • No - TallyPrime would need to be reactivated first and the same can be configured to Tally ERP9.

3. Can the Data that has been migrated to TallyPrime be rolled back to


  • No, it can't be migrated back to Tally.ERP 9.

4. Why to upgrade Tally.ERP9 to TallyPrime?

  • All future enhancements will be available in TallyPrime, like TCS , E-invoicing and many more. Enhanced Features like new look, Multi Tasking, Goto Button etc to help the ease of work.

5. Will the shortcut keys used for Tally.ERP9 work in TallyPrime?

  • Yes, Most of the Shortcut Keys are kept as it is except some new keys or replacing the earlier one.

6. Is TallyPrime Compatible with a 32 bit Operating System?

  • No, you would need to upgrade the system to 64 bit.

7. Why is TallyPrime only Compatible with 64 Bit?

  • The latest systems come with 64 Bit which uses the maximum resources of the system to improve performance.

8. Which versions of windows will support TallyPRime?

  • All 64 bit OS versions of Windows 7 and above.

9. Will TallyPrime work on IOS and Android?

  • No, presently not, but TRIB are available on all Brower's.

10. Is auto data back- up features available?

  •     No, it's not available.

11. Is there an option for Multi -Account Printing ?

  • Yes - It is available in the Print Button on the top menu bar in of TallyPrime.

12. How can I differentiate between Tally.ERP 9 and TallyPrime data.

  • Data selected in TallyPrime will show as “Migration required”

13. I am unable to see the Option for Group Company.

  • You can create the Group company from the Company Creation screen itself and can now create the Group company without opening theChild company.

14. How can I delete Vouchers as the delete button is not visible?

  • As delete is a hidden key now, you can still delete Vouchers with ALT +D key.

15. I am unable to see Audit and Compliances.

  • This has been removed from TallyPRime, although analysis and verification is available

16. What is the migration process from Tally.ERP9 to TallyPrime?

  • Its an automated process and TallyPrime automatically will convert

    the data from Tally.ERP9.

17. Is E-Invoicing available in TallyPrime?

  • Not in the current release although it is expected to come.

18.  What is Chart of Account?

  • It is a single window view for all your Masters, Accounting, Inventory, Employees Masters. It also has multi alteration and creation with exceptional reports

19. What is the use of GoTo Button?

  • It is a Global Search Button, from where you can access all the features of TallyPrime, from data entry to reports. It is available with multiple windows to access and switch between Reports, Vouchers and Masters.

20. How to activate TDL in TallyPrime?

  • Now the TDL can be accessed and deployed from the Help Menu.

21. I am not unable to see my Licensing Configuration. 

  • This has now been shifted in the Help Menu along with enhanced licensing details.

22. How to log in to the Control Center?

  • The control center has now been removed and & been given on Tally Solutions website where you can directly access it via Help Menu.

23. What is TRIB? 

  • It is Tally Reports in Browser, where you can now view almost all reports of Tally in your browser without accessing the TallyPrime application.

24. I am unable to access my data In Education Mode.

  • This is because you must have enabled the option to disallow opening company in education mode.

25. I am unable to see the F12 configuration which is at Gateway of Tally.

  • This has been removed and now been added to Top menu buttons like - Print, Help, Import and Export Buttons.

26. What is Repair and Re-Install? 

  • If there is any issue with the TallyPrime application, this intelligent feature will automatically repair or re-install your application with its existing configuration.

27. While creating a company how do I enable the security control as I am unable to find it.

  • It has now been given in the F12 Configuration and needs to be activated in F12 Configuration.

28. How can I change the voucher mode while data entry?

  • It has now been given as change mode option at voucher entry level.

29. I am unable to see the ALT + F2 button to change the Period.

  • There is now a F2 Button and ALT+F2 has been given as a extension to F2 Button.

30. How to toggle between Go To and Switch To?

  • By ALT+ G and CTRL + G, you can toggle between both.

31. What is the difference between Go To and Switch To?

  • From Go To you can open Multiple Windows and from Switch To the earlier window will close and selected Window will remain open.


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