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Let us Experience Company Creation in TallyPrime


  1. Tally assist in selection of Province or State based on your Country.
  2. Convenient and Clutter-Free Environment in Company Creation
  3. Get feature list immediately on Company creation to set up your business requirements
  4. Auto selection of Country, Financial Year Beginning and Foreign Currency, on selecting any state or Province.

How to Navigate there?

From Anywhere on Tally Screen à On Startup Screen or Press Alt + K à Create Company 

What is in It? 

  1. Get auto selection of Country on selecting State or Region eg. Try Dubai, London, Maluku, Dhaka, Hawaii etc. It also allows to create new State and Country too.
  2. It also changes caption as State, Province, Emirate based on your Geography.
  3. Tally selects Financial Year as per Country Like USA, Sri Lanka, Indonesia etc. Tally selects 1-Jan and on selection India, Kuwait, South Africa etc. 1-April is selected
  4. As one selects Country, Tally populates Currency applicable for the country.
  5. To make the screen clutter-free, less used fields / options can be configured through F12
  6. TallyPrime on company creation immediately gives F11 to configure the features applicable for the Company.


For more Understanding



Simplifies the simplest.

Smart setting up of new company inside TallyPrime, simpler than ever before. Anyone can create new company and activate his desired features without any guidance from Experts to mould Tally as per Business requirements.

Immaterial of your geography, Tally has inbuilt intelligence for territory, country, currency and Financial Year selection.