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Change Mode - Transactions


  1. TallyPrime provides ease and flexibility for change the method of passing a transaction based on User’s Way, with Change Mode Button
  2. Reduction in the making of additional Voucher Types and Class, especially for Manufacturing units
  3. Immaterial of the user awareness of accounting, one can switch between Single or Double Entry system with super ease. 

How to Navigate there?

From Every Transaction à Ctrl + H: Change Mode

What is in It? – With Few Scenarios

  1. Benefits to Traders
    1. Item Invoice mode for a Retailer or Wholesaler with just a click away
  2. Benefits to Professionals
    1. Accounting Invoice mode for Professionals, for all types of service billings
  3. Benefits to Manufacturers 
    1. No need to create additional Voucher Type for Manufacturing Voucher Types
    2. No need to create Voucher Class for simple Godown transfer
    3. Just change mode in Stock Journal
  4. Benefits to a Tally User from Non-Commerce background
    1. Get Simple Single-Entry mode for non-commerce background user
    2. Get Dr-Cr: Double Entry mode in Payments and Receipts on click


For more Understanding



Diversity in Similarity of business transaction.

Any business has similarity in types of transactions but there is diversity in recording each type of transaction based on user preference. You need utmost flexibility to adjust diversity of any type of business and every type of transaction. 

You only need curiosity to learn and explore by press single button 

“Change Mode” or Alt + H