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Prime Printing


  1. Print any report from anywhere
  2. No interruptions in the work taken just for printing
  3. Cost Effective printing by Save Paper with Optimize Print Option
  4. Define second page to reduce unwanted or repeated information

How to Navigate there?

For Anything:     From Everywhere à Alt + P: Printing or Ctrl + P or Click on Print in Top Menu Bar

Optimize Print:  Any Invoice / Order / Delivery note à Ctrl + P à C: Configuration à Optimize

What is in It? – With Few Scenarios only in TallyPrime

  1. In middle of a Transactions, want to take print out of Party Outstanding for Sales Manager, or for Owner etc.
    1. No need to leave the voucher in between and move to Gateway of Tally; Just Press Alt + P: Others à select & print the reports you need à back to Voucher
  2. Invoices with more items running in multiple pages can now be optimize in TallyPrime
    1. From Invoice à Ctrl + P: Printing àC: Configure à Optimise paper to save paper
  3. Define different no. of copies for different voucher Types only in TallyPrime
    1. Alt + P: Printing àConfigurationàCopiesà Different for different voucher types
    2. Sales / Purchase / Delivery Note / GRN / Orders / Dr. Cr. Notes
  4. Let us say we want to reduce additional fields from Top part of Invoice in second page 
    1. No Need to search for configuration option in big list, just type key words to get the option and say No. Dispatch details, order details if not needed can set as No.

For more Understanding



Accountant’s work is full of disturbance because many are dependent on him for reports. Sales team, Stores depts, directors, Customers, Suppliers or CA are dependent you for getting necessary reports without any prior notice and that is causing loss of productivity. 

TallyPrime offers additional flexibility to reach out to any report being in the any report or entry screen, that too without exiting your current task on hand.

Save Paper Save Trees Save Environment… With optimise printing reduce wastage of Papers.