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Magnificent Multi-Tasking


  1. True Multi-Tasking for a Power User
  2. No need to leave any Transaction or Report for any uncertain interruptions
  3. Can now hold bills (any transactions) to create another
  4. Save bandwidth by avoiding opening of additional Tally Instance

How and What?

Just use the frozen consistent Top Menu Bar across TallyPrime in middle of any process and return to continue the left job. Conduct multiple activities like Email, Print, Import, Export, Data, Exchange, and GOTO with blazing speed.

What is in it? Practical Scenarios… 

  1. Create multiple Vouchers at same time
    1. In mid of transaction, click GOTO ? Create Voucher
  2. Email any report while on any other report
    1. While doing Bank Reconciliation, Sales manager asked to send outstanding report to a Party. Just click Alt + P ? Others ? Outstanding Ledger …
  3. Take Backup before making any changes and finalization of GSTRs
    1. From GSTR1 ? Alt + Y: Data ? Backup…
  4. Alt + Tab. No need to open any additional Tally Instance
    1. GOTO ? Show Opened Reports…

For more Understanding



Working on software as an Accountant is nothing less than art of jugglery. There is no specific procedure or defined rules to work for Accountants and operators.

TallyPrime gives you 360 Degree flexibility for task jugglery, helping you take higher bounce productivity.