Prime Shortcuts


  1. A Power User’s best friend Shortcuts
  2. New Shortcuts in addition to old once
  3. Greater consistence and uniformity


With passage of several years in Tally, Keyboard Shortcuts kept on enhancing with addition of features and menus. However, it needs a revamp and greater consistency across product. With TallyPrime, a better level of uniformity is built for user friendliness and accommodate futures options.

Some Shortcuts… 

  1. ‘+’ and ‘– ‘ 
    1. To surf between the line times of reports use simply + and – keys. 
    2. Eg. Want to see Parties one after the other in Sundry Debtors Group or Items in Stock Group
    3. It was available in ERP9 in few reports, now made consistent across all reports
  2. Alt + G: GOTO and Ctrl + G: Switch To
    1. Addition of new Key Menu, The Hero of TallyPrime, across all screens in Tally 
    2. Navigates to almost everything and anywhere
  3. Alt + F1 and Ctrl + F3
    1. Retaining old shortcut with new, to Shut Company
  4. Ctrl + Alt + C and Ctrl + C
    1. Retaining Old with New to match with commonly used in Windows
    2. Similarly, F1 used for Help as per all MS office Tools
       and more and more …

For more Shortcuts

Its… Mouse v/s or and Keyboard

Power users needs speed while operating any software, hence they prefer keyboard over mouse. Shortcut keys enable speed, due to that Fingers of power users rolls over key board like piano.

Since Inception, Tally's operation with short keys is most preferred by users hence we continue to enhance it.